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More than two dozen authors are contributing to an anthology to benefit Utah author Robison Wells, who has debt due to several mental illnesses.

More than three dozen authors, including several Utahns, have contributed deleted scenes, bonus chapters, alternate edits, previously unpublished short stories and others writings in the “Altered Perceptions” anthology to benefit a fellow author.

The anthology, which is due out this August, is to financially help Robison Wells, author of “Blackout,” “Feedback” and “Variant,” who has four mental illnesses — panic disorder, agoraphobia, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to the project’s site at

They are hoping to raise $110,000, and as of Friday afternoon they had raised about $32,800, or about 30 percent. None of Wells' debt is consumer debt, but it does include medical debt, money owed to the IRS and student loans, according to the website. The campaign ends May 24.

The e-book costs $10, a hardback copy costs $28 and autographed books start at $50. Other perks include manuscript critiques, Larry Correia shooting stuff, a serenade on the Robison and Dan Wells podcast, and dinner with Robison Wells. (Dinners with Brandon Sanderson, and with Sanderson, Robison Wells and Dan Wells, and having a character named after you who gets killed, have already sold out.)

Authors contributing to the anthology include Sanderson (five completely rewritten chapters from “The Way of Kings” in which a character makes a different choice than in the published book), Brandon Mull (deleted scenes from “Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion”), Dan Wells (the original John Cleaver freewrite), Jessica Day George (a deleted scene from “The Princess of Glass”), Shannon Hale (“Ravenous,” an original sci-fi short story) and Sarah Eden (“Farewells” for “Longing for Home” and “Hope Springs”). A complete list is at

Origins of 'Altered Peceptions'

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