What are the effects of teenagers having a job while attending high school?

Having a job while in high school can benefit you by teaching you commitment, time management, responsibility, and handling money. Many students are trying to earn money for college and it requires them to start saving money now. Working while in high school can help you explore career directions and reach your goals too.

Commitment is a hard trait for a teenager unless it’s something they truly enjoy. When a teenager is totally committed to his/her job, they will eventually start to enjoy their job.

Time management is something teenagers have a really hard time learning. With a job in high school, most of their time would be focused on their job and homework. All jobs come with a certain amount of responsibility. You are expected to show up on time and be honest with your efforts.

Although some schools now require a financial literacy class, learning how to handle money isn't emphasized much in high school. With a job, students would gain a larger understanding of how money works for the future.

Amanda Greenwall