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Barry Wetcher, Twentieth Century Fox
A scene from "The Other Woman"

Information for parents about the film "The Other Woman."

Thematic elements/crude humor: Women play pranks on a man, giving him hormones to change his body. They spike his drink with a laxative. They also put hair remover in his shampoo. Drinking to excess and a woman vomits into her purse. Scenes of a woman in a drunken state. Three women play a game to determine who will sleep with a man. A mention of smoking but none is actually shown. A dog defecates on screen. Mention of an STD.

Sexuality/sensuality: A woman runs down the beach in a bikini in slow motion. A man and woman are kissing as they enter an apartment and talk about just meeting that night. A man and a woman are kissing in bed and undressing. A woman asks a man about including another person in their sexual encounter.

Language: Many uses of expletives throughout the film, obscene gestures and crude sexual dialogue.

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