Whether by divorce, death of a spouse or never being married at all, there are challenges to being single. Here are some tips for those who are single in the LDS Church to find emotional support.

Whether by divorce, death of a spouse or never being married at all, there are challenges to being single. Sometimes feelings of inadequacy surface and often the pressures of life interfere with peace of mind, especially when children are involved.

The Lord tells us we can on depend upon him for support. In Isaiah 53:4 it reads, “Surely he hath borne our grief and carried our sorrows…”

With those words in mind, here are a few words of support to help those in this situation.

1. Pray every day. There is a certain amount of peace in morning and evening prayer along with reading scripture verses. With devotion to God each morning, we can face the day of working and raising children, stay on target with daily tasks and when lonely, find comfort.

2. Keep a schedule. Keep a schedule or routine to help follow through on goals and tasks. A schedule not only provides a purpose to carry us through our most difficult times, but it also keeps us preoccupied with good things. On some days it would seem easier to just stay in bed and do nothing, but keeping a schedule of activities motivates us to move.

3. Use hobbies and interests to fill your life. Hobbies can be an important part of a life filled with career, church callings and family time. Music, art, writing, physical exercise, sports and other interests can help soothe troubled souls. This can also be a venue for service or volunteer work as we help neighbors and members of the community.

4. Keep a social life. Many find it shocking to return home to no other adult in the house. Any social gathering is a big boost to morale. The companionship of other people helps our perspective. Join in church activities and visit with friends and family, especially those who have may gone through similar circumstances.

Valerie Steimle is the mother of nine children who lives happily on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She is the author of five books, including "Of One Heart: Being Single in the LDS World." Email: