Once again, UTA has proven that the salary of more than $200,000 they spend annually on their director of planning is a waste as once again, the Utah Train Authority does the wrong thing to fix a problem they, themselves, created.

The southbound FrontRunner arrived at the North Temple Bridge station just as the Green Line to the airport left the station, so those who transferred between trains had to wait 14 minutes for the next train. The northbound FrontRunner arrived just before the Green Line trains; therefore, they had a convenient transfer. But, to fix the southbound train problem, did UTA adjust the schedule of the southbound FrontRunner?

No, of course not. Instead, they adjusted the schedule of the Green Line trains. Now, it is not the southbound passengers who watch their transfer leave the station; it’s the northbound passengers.

It appears that the business plan for the Planning Department of the Utah Train Authority is, “Never solve one problem without creating an equal problem we can solve in the future.” This guarantees that we will always need to give the chief planner that $30,000 bonus for fixing the scheduling problems, regardless of who actually created those problems.

David McNeill

South Jordan