CEDAR CITY UTAH MARRIED STUDENT STAKE: (March 2, 2014) President — Eric O. Leavitt, 52, president/chief executive officer of The Leavitt Group; succeeding David H. Nakken; wife, Melissa Bishop Leavitt. Counselors — Rick H. Lunt, 50, owner/broker/realtor of D&B Real Estate; wife, Rochelle Heap Lunt. Jared David Rees, 35, employed by LDS Family Services; wife, Michelle L. Rees.

CURITIBA BRAZIL PORTAO STAKE: (Feb. 9, 2014) President — Cesar Schmeil, 50, self-employed; succeeding Victor Emanuel E. Tavares; wife, Rossela Koligoski Schmeil. Counselors — Fernando Jose Dos Santos, 50, managing partner at New House C. Civil Ltda.; wife, Claudia A. Bueno Dos Santos. Silvio Hernani Quoos, 44, police investigator; wife, Maria Goncalves Quoos.

EUGENE OREGON SANTA CLARA STAKE: (March 2, 2014) President — Rodd Lowell Knapp, 48, dermatologic surgeon; succeeding Iain Cryer; wife, Signe Suzanne Sorensen Knapp. Counselors — Martin Wayne Hansen, 41, insurance agent with Hansen Financial Services; wife, Rachelle Annette Houk Hansen. Harold Owen Foutz, 46, corporate controller at Wildish; wife, Susan Cay Schultz Foutz.

HERRIMAN UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 23, 2014) President — Daniel Robinson Smith, 51, managing partner at Franklin Covey; succeeding David C. Roth; wife, Jennifer J. Smith. Counselors — John Lester Wolfgramm, 65, territory sales manager at Arnold Machinery; wife, Cydnee Hanson Wolfgramm. Stephen John Presbury, 55, real estate agent at Keller Williams South Valley; wife, Lesley-Ann Wiltshire Presbury.

HOUSTON TEXAS SOUTH STAKE: (March 2, 2014) President — David Frank Hruska, 54, general manager at Mossy Nissan; succeeding Kenneth S. Barrow; wife, Annette Butler Hruska. Counselors — James Whelan Harris, 55, chief financial officer at Forum Energy Technologies; wife, Michele Cobb Harris. John William Mohr, 47, engineering manager at ExxonMobil; wife, Marianne Matis Mohr.

JUJUY ARGENTINA STAKE: (Feb. 9, 2014) President — Ariel Orlando Solis, 38, epidemiology team supervisor with the Jujuy Government; succeeding Rafael D. Piñol; wife, Monica Carolina Vazquez. Counselors — Juan Jose Avila Carreras, 30, sales assistant at RPB; wife, Mara Vanesa Leañez. Salvador David Altamirano, 33, post sales services for Autosol Volkswagen; wife, Natalia Noemi Ortega De Altamirano.

KAMAS UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 16, 2014) President — Mark Thomas Durham, 52, co-owner of Durham and Company; succeeding Rodney C. Sorenson; wife, Gretchen Nygaard Durham. Counselors — Howard Nelson Sorensen, 59, insurance agent; wife, Lisa Ann Whittaker Sorensen. Matthew Lewis Flinders, 49, owner of Mark Steel Jewelry; wife, Lisa Evelyn Finley Flinders.

LA RIOJA ARGENTINA STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2013) President — Cesar Alberto Alvarez, 43, employed by Colortex, SA; succeeding Luis M. Isidro Valdez; wife, Laura Teresa Montoya. Counselors — Carlos Bruno Carretero, 41, electricity employee at Edelar; wife, Mariela Raquel Luna. Guillermo Daniel Villafañe, 34, operator at Ikon, SA; wife, Cynthia Beatriz Gonzalez.

LEHI UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (March 2, 2014) President — Douglas Bruce Webb, 44, principal in the Alpine School District; succeeding Randy R. Lefler; wife, Alexa Lee Dalley Webb. Counselors — Bradley Edgar Lindsay, 42, manager of language production for the Church; wife, Deborah Devlin Lindsay. Kirk Owen Smith, 42, customer support manager at Newscycle Solutions; wife, Sarah Jean Bishop Smith.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 5TH STAKE: (March 2, 2014) President — Jeffrey Scott Job, 58, diagnostic radiologist; succeeding David G. Adams; wife, Rebecca Rae Strong Job. Counselors — Alfred Benton Burns, 56, vice president at Fireworks West International; wife, Laurie Covert Burns. Keith Stewart Larsen, 44, employed by Sports Academy; wife, Angela Wimmer Larsen.

MESA ARIZONA ALTA MESA STAKE: (March 9, 2014) President — Bradley T. Porter, 56, oral surgeon; succeeding C. Dale Willis Jr.; wife, Janalee Harding Porter. Counselors — Philip Kay Montalvo, 56, senior tax auditor for the City of Phoenix; wife, Laura Bradshaw Montalvo. Coltin Roy Hall, 37, senior manager for information technology; wife, Julia Adele Westover Hall.

MESA ARIZONA CENTRAL STAKE: (March 9, 2014) President — Broc Cardon Hiatt, 49, owner/partner of Cardon Hiatt Companies; succeeding Lawrence C. Wright; wife, Lori Van Wagoner Hiatt. Counselors — Kent Edward Kleiner, 56, manager at Arcus Private Capital Solutions; wife, Cynthia Anne Doane Kleiner. Wenlock David Free, 52, product manager at Cisco, Inc.; wife, Kristin Kae Hulshoff Free.

NORTH LOGAN UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2013) President — Bryan Croft King, 53, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding Mark D. Jensen; wife, Catherine Ann Nixon King. Counselors — David Ronald Jenkins, 42, chief executive officer/owner of Conservice Utility Management; wife, Lynette McCann Jenkins. Troy Vose Christensen, 50, vice president at Bridgerland Applied Technology College; wife, Sharalin VanWagenen Christensen.

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