I’ve been mountain biking in Moab for over a decade. I’ve seen the BLM give 100-year land leases in remote areas that are supposed to be public lands. And now we are seeing oil and natural gas mining companies fighting to develop Moab with wells.

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Nationally, we are seeing devastating consequences in many small towns, contaminated ground water and polluted air. This is leaving communities in ruin as they see their livelihoods taken from them all in the name of progress for natural gas and oil. We are even seeing damage to some of our local national parks. Big Oil claims it’s completely safe. We heard this before and saw the consequences with leaks at Red Butte Gardens and Willard Bay, to name but a couple.

BLM-managed land in Uintah County has over 11,000 oil wells currently with nearly another 25,000 proposed. Surrounding Moab there are currently 40 operating wells. What is to keep Grand County from becoming another Uintah County. We should contact our local legislators and express our opinions of the BLM. It's time to hold the BLM accountable and demand they sustain the health of the land for our generation and future.

Rich Nicholes

West Jordan