Putin got the Crimea without firing a shot. His actions certainly do not indicate any fear of the West or what we might do to stop him. If some substantial military show is not made by the USA immediately, the peoples of Eastern Europe may again lose their freedom to the Russian Bear.

The bear can be stopped with little if any bloodshed on either side, if we choose now as the time to rattle our sabers. If Putin picks the time for a military confrontation with the USA, it will be later, much later after he has regained the satellite states of Eastern Europe. He will be in control.

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Shall we change our president's name to President Chamberlain? Obama shows Chamberlain's understanding of foreign policy and how to deal with dictators. I hope President Chamberlain does not lead us into World War III.

As a very last thought, China, North Korea and political thugs all over the globe are watching us to determine the force and strength of our commitments to our allies. Whatever President Chamberlain lets happen in Eastern Europe will repeat in every hot spot of the world.

I hope I'm wrong.

John Hasson Sr.