I recently had the opportunity to watch a forum given by Brent James in March of this year. A large part of his presentation revolved around what is known as the great equation. The great equation basically is this: A person’s health is determined by the medical care they receive, medical care received is determined by access to medical care, and access to medical care is determined by health insurance. Therefore, a person’s health is determined by their health insurance. In other words, health equals health insurance.

Brent James stated, and I agree that the great equation is fundamentally wrong, medical care only accounts for 5-10 percent of an individual’s overall health, while factors like behavior account for a much higher percentage. Some studies would suggest that the decisions you make around diet, exercise, sleep habits, etc., account for as much as 40 percent of your health. Perhaps what the government should be focused on in this country is spending its dollars where they will have the most impact. Educating people on how to live healthy lives will improve the overall health of our country far more than a mandate on insurance coverage ever will.

Health care costs are bankrupting our country. Mandating insurance will only increase spending and have little effect on improving health in our country.

Brett Evans