It seems we need a new category instead of road rage. How many times have you had a driver pull up right behind you and drive within just a few short feet from your rear bumper? You have two choices: pull over or chance a wreck. There is nothing that makes a person more nervous than to have a driver intimidate them. I call this bullying.

We are told to just try to ignore them. Sometimes that makes things worse, because as with bullying, the driver can become more aggressive in his or her tactics.

I think everyone needs to keep their cell phone out, take a picture of these people and their license plates and send it to the police. There need to be larger fines for excessive speeding because it is these bullies that seem to always be in a hurry.

If you are the bully, please slow down and relax. If you are the victim, get a photo.

Lee Romell

West Jordan