With another Base Realignment and Closure Committee (BRAC) ready to commence to determine which military bases to close, decisions of communities along the Wasatch Front need to be evaluated through the lens of how it will be viewed by the next BRAC.

This is why the recent decision by the Layton City Council not to approve more apartment permits is shortsighted. At any military base, there is usually not enough housing for all of the military members to live on-base, even though this is the ideal. One of the factors that the BRAC will consider is whether there is enough affordable housing nearby.

Airmen stationed at Hill Air Force Base that do not have a house on base to live in will need housing in the community. These airmen, who have dedicated their lives to preserve our freedoms, are likely not going to be permanent residents. They need rentals.

The decision by the Layton City Council means that there will be fewer apartments available near the base and that the apartments that are available will be more expensive. This decision may be the tipping point that will end up with the committee deciding to close Hill AFB. If that happens, it will have more of a negative effect on Layton than any other community along the Wasatch Front. Layton needs Hill Air Force Base to remain open, and there should be no arguing that point.

The city council should quickly reconsider their decision.

Ben Hunt

West Haven