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This fourth century fragment of papyrus contains a line in which Jesus refers to "my wife." But with almost no complete sentences, it lacks any and all context. Thus, any conclusions drawn from it are conjectural. A gospel fragment that alludes to Jesus' wife was declared an authentic ancient text by many researchers, according to Time magazine.

Jesus’ married life is the subject of debate in recent days, as a papyrus fragment that surfaced in 2012 and alluded to Jesus’ wife is being labeled authentic, according to Time magazine. Though some originally questioned the authenticity of the fragment, the Harvard Theological Review said this week that it’s more likely to be a real ancient text than a “modern forgery,” Time reported.

“Although the Vatican immediately dismissed the text as a ‘clumsy forgery,’ teams of engineering, biology, and chemistry professors from Columbia University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded after carbon testing that it is written on papyrus from the ancient era,” Time reported.

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