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Lexi Hansen with the driver involved in the accident.

When 18-year-old BYU student Lexi Hansen was hit by a car while longboarding on Feb. 26, her chances of survival were reportedly less than 5 percent. Since that day, she has come out of a coma, moved home from the hospital and continued to make small steps toward recovery, despite incredible pain.

Recently, Hansen and her family explained their relationship with the driver of the car that hit her.

"Meet the driver. His name is Karson, a BYU student and a wonderful young man," Marcia Hansen, Lexi Hansen's mother, wrote on the Pray For Lexi Facebook page on April 7.

Marcia Hansen wrote that Karson visited for dinner, dressed in a suit and tie with cupcakes and flowers, after first contacting the family via a letter expressing his sorrow and pain.

"I know it helped him when we told him that accidents happen and that we were not angry with him and that it was a catalyst for the miracles that were happening with Lexi, which was strengthening the community's faith," Marcia Hansen wrote.

Comments on the Facebook page show that the family's story truly is doing this.

"I'm not a religious person, but following this story is so incredibly inspiring!!" Marianne Johnson-Bowden wrote on the post about Karson. "I do believe, and this gives me much hope that someday soon I'll be ready to grasp all this heavenly knowledge."

Marcia Hansen wrote that Karson continues to visit and bring the family treats. She closed the post by quoting from the scriptures: "(The Savior's) promise to us is, 'I will not leave you comfortless'. John 14:18 God is good!"

Lexi Hansen also posted on the Facebook page for the first time on March 31, sharing her gratitude for the love and support she's felt.

"So I just couldn't handle not saying thank you guys for all you have done for me. … You have all shown that Christ-like love that I really needed," she wrote. "You guys are all so kind to take thought of praying and fasting. I got it from dear friends and strangers that I didn't even know."

She also used the post as an opportunity to share her testimony.

"It's amazing to see the love of God more and know that he loves all of us in that way. He knows our goodness and what we do. He loves us for who we are. He will help us through our trials and hardships because He loves us and wants the best outcome for us. He will never stop loving us, so let us try doing the same."

Alison Moore is a writer for the Faith and Family sections at DeseretNews.com. She is studying journalism and editing at Brigham Young University. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @alison_kathleen