I am proud to be living here in Utah and proud of my citizenship. Recently, I have been extremely disappointed in the conduct of some of our politicians, some in local policing agencies, and in the abhorrent conduct of some who are sworn to defend and protect. How awful to find so many under criminal investigations for their apparent criminal behaviors and contributions to corruption.

Those investigations need to go deeper and spread more widely. I believe there is a great deal of corruption in the state in every corner. I beg those who are honest and knowing to come forward and fight the corruption where it can be identified. As I have mentioned, corruption is seemingly being discovered in some of our political offices, in policing agencies (both local and federal), in some of our most recognizable banking institutions, and even in the courts.

We need to defend ourselves from the onslaught of corruption — people's lives are at stake. Every citizen has seen criminal behaviors revealed in recent months in one or more of these areas. There is much more to this than the surface stories. Let's work together to fight corruption where it lives and get it out in the public domain where we can fight it openly. No more closed doors on the corruption that affects all of us.

Frederik Dissel

Cottonwood Heights