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This week's Deseret News National Edition tackles a bunch of issues, including a new book that talks about marriage between a man and a woman, becoming popular and how it is no easy feat, and about random acts of kindness.

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Until recently, no society had seen marriage as anything other than a conjugal partnership between a man and a woman. The book “What Is Marriage?” identifies and defends the reasons for this historic consensus and shows why redefining civil marriage is contrary to the common good. Producer Candice Madsen discusses the book’s arguments with one of the authors, Ryan Anderson. He is the William E. Simon Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

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Becoming popular is no easy feat. A new study finds that kids trying to improve their social status in school also increases the risk they'll be harassed by peers. The higher they climb the school social ladder, the greater the risk they'll be bullied. Dave McCann discussed the study with lead author Robert Faris.

A youth group has come up with a unique way to counter the negative effects of social combat. They created a video, set to the song “Words” by Hawk Nelson. Each boy in the LDS Church group wrote something positive on a note card about each girl in the group. Each time the video shows a girl turning over her poster board to read it, there are smiles all around. This message about the positive power of words has gone viral. Those involved with the project explain what they think about the reaction their production is getting.

The neuroscience of spirituality and religion is almost completely unknown. But as Carole Mikita reports, researchers at the University of Utah are trying to understand how religious experience shape the brain.

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This week on The Pulse, National Editor Allison Pond discusses the reaction to the Mozilla CEO’s decision to resign after the company received backlash because of his campaign contribution to California’s Proposition 8, plus the rising costs of getting marriage and why America has become the land of the stressed, overworked and depressed.

We hear a lot about random acts of kindness but we found one man who took it a step further. For four weeks he came up with a difference project to deliver kindness to strangers. Deanie Wimmer shares his life-changing experience.

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