Recently I read a blog post about a recent animated film in which the author pens a furious invective about how the movie promotes gay rights. The endpoint is that all morally oriented parents should avoid the film to save their children from the hyperprogressive message. The film? "Frozen."

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I was astounded. Unfortunately, there are many who suffer because they feel like their same-gender attraction makes them somehow less than others who simply have different challenges. I know some personally. We are commanded to love others even as we love ourselves. Thus, we must love ourselves in order to love others fully. In this context, the movie holds a message of hope for all those who are misunderstood and alone.

Would we not live in a happier world if looked for the best message in everything rather than giving in to cynicism? Any story can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Unfortunately, it is very easy to allow our perspectives to be distorted by the context of the world around us, and this bias always tends towards cynicism. Regardless, I will continue to encourage anyone who has not seen "Frozen" to give it a shot.

Seth Anderson