While it may seem easy to be 1 percenter, it's actually not the life of the rich and famous you'd think.

Ah, the age-old question: Why doesn’t the 1 percent feel rich?

The Atlantic recently reported on how the 1 percent of the population that holds so much of the wealth don’t actually feel that wealthy. And that’s because the .01 percent of the country are actually controlling most of the wealth, The Atlantic reported.

“The merely rich don't think they are rich because they aren't rentiers,” wrote Matthew O’Brien for The Atlantic. “They think ‘rich’ means having the kind of aristocratic wealth that lets you quit your job and live comfortably off your interest income alone. They're wealthy, but they're not that wealthy — and they're not getting any more so. That doesn't make them ‘middle class,’ but it does remind us that the future doesn't belong to the 1 percent.”

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