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Several countries around the globe are worried about math, even though they may be successful in the area of study.

Not everyone is a fan of math class.

Quartz recently reported on a new chart that showed where in the world people are most anxious about mathematics. Tunisia tops the charts, with Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Jordan and Mexico rounding out the top five, according to Quartz. The United States ranks low on the list, just ahead of the United Kingdom and right below Luxembourg, according to the chart. The students were tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Quartz reported.

“It’s worth noting that while high levels of math anxiety are associated with low performance, the converse isn’t true,” Quartz reported. “In other words, low levels of anxiety are not linked with high performance in mathematics. In fact, the students from top-performing countries in mathematics — such as China, Singapore and Korea — are slightly more anxious about math than the average OECD student.”

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