"Far too frequently, many in the education establishment criticize Utah for its large class sizes and low per-pupil spending." So says the Deseret News editorial of April 1.

I thought it was an April Fools' joke at first. "Far too frequently?" Not frequently enough to make any difference, obviously. With our student demographic and our excellent teachers, Utah should lead the nation in academic performance. Instead, we are the very height of mediocrity, sitting smack on average in every educational performance measure that matters.

Why is this so? Because we insist on jamming our children into the largest classes in the U.S. and spending the least of any state per pupil. While our teachers control crowds, other, wiser states like Massachusetts have streaked past us in educational attainment by cutting class loads in half and paying teachers what they're worth.

A No. 1 ranking in Digital Learning policy from the Foundation for Excellence in Education means little, if anything. They're patting Utah's back for a policy, not an outcome.

Breck England