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"Come, Follow Me" in www.lds.org is the curriculum for the LDS Church's classes for youths.

Serving as a Young Women adviser when the transition to the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum took place, I have loved experiencing the opportunities it gives instructors to be flexible with their teaching and to utilize more recent general conference talks.

“Come, Follow Me” is a learning resource used to aid in the Sunday instruction of youths in the church. There are lessons outlined for Young Men, Young Women and Sunday School classes. Each month covers a general doctrinal topic, with individual lessons diving more specifically into different aspects of that doctrine.

The lesson outlines include ideas for introducing the topic classes will be discussing that week, as well as several activities given as suggestions to follow when teaching. I love this particular aspect of “Come, Follow Me.” It has allowed me as a teacher to be flexible with my lessons, allowing the youths to guide the lesson with their questions and discussions. This flexibility also allows me to bring in current talks from general conference that may be applicable to what we’re discussing.

I have utilized those talks in a variety of ways that include watching video clips, reading and outlining a talk as a class and then discussing it together, or putting the class members in groups and giving them sections of a talk to discuss and share with the class. There are so many ways to use those talks that also involve the youths in the lesson.

Technology has also played a role in this flexibility. In addition to conference talks, there are many videos available that go along with each lesson. They can be downloaded and played on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or DVD player. For those who don’t feel they are as technology-savvy, the “Come, Follow Me” site includes instructions on how to do this here. Besides lessons, the site also includes teaching videos and learning and teaching ideas to assist instructors.

I am far from being a perfect teacher, but I feel like “Come, Follow Me” is schooling me in how to be a better one. I am thankful for this inspired program and the way it has allowed me to grow, as well as helping the youths I teach.

Melissa Draper lives in Payson, Utah, with her husband and their three children. Her passions include being a wife and mother, writing, running and music.