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Hyrum Osmond, nephew of Donny Osmond, told Yahoo Movies he modeled a moment of "Frozen" after his uncle.

"Frozen" became the No. 1 animated movie of all time this past week, but while more people are exposed to the film again and again, audiences still might have missed the film's more subtle references, easter eggs aside.

While Hyrum Osmond, the supervising animator for Olaf, told Yahoo Movies his son inspired some of Olaf's movements, another family member inspired a pose from Hans. Osmond said he inserted a tribute to Donny Osmond, his uncle, in the song "Love Is an Open Door."

While Hans walks under a waterfall and sings with Anna, he closes his eyes and tilts his shoulders and head in Donny-fashion, Hyrum Osmond said.

Yahoo Movies noted that the signature move is especially appropriate during "Love Is an Open Door," a song that sounds similar to the pop music that made Donny and Marie famous.

Stepping from the 1970's heartthrob to present day, viewers also claim references to the TV show "Arrested Development."

Policy Mic believes there are two references to "Arrested Development," including the exchange, "We finish each other's sandwiches," and chicken-like dance moves, both moments which appeared in "Frozen" and "Arrested Developement."

See the full "Love Is an Open Door" scene at Yahoo Movies.

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