The truth is that in Utah we waste too much. We know that paper can be recycled and reused for all sorts of things. Plastic, glass and metals are also recyclable. The sad thing, though, is that if someone in Utah wants to be "green" and recycle at home, they have to pay the city an unreasonable amount to have it picked up weekly. The good citizens doing the recycling and keeping the trash out of landfills have to pay?

They pay so that the cities can save money through recycling? How can it be acceptable to unfairly burden a community's most responsible citizens with additional costs for the privilege of making the long-term responsible choice? At least in other states, stores have recycling options for plastic and glass. The option to recycle in Utah is not widespread.

We, too, can make the right choice! The responsibility rests on each person individually and upon society as a whole. The bottom line is we will all be happier and healthier if we remember to care for our world.

Heather Reid