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Sharon Haddock
Logan Dunyon is a youngster who is serious about searching out his ancestors.

AMERICAN FORK — Logan Dunyon kind of stood out in the crowd recently at a family history fair for the American Fork Utah Hillcrest Stake.

He was the young boy surrounded by gray-haired grandmas and grandpas and an assortment of adults, studying the pedigree charts and photos on his iPad with intensity.

He watched the teacher explain how sources help people find names of those who have died without the opportunity to go through an LDS temple.

He didn't fidget or complain or bug his dad for anything.

He was plugged in, and he's only 11.

He's too young to go to the temple even for proxy baptisms, and the names he finds will have to be taken for other ordinance work by his parents or ward members.

But he's into it.

"I got started by my dad," Logan said, pushing up his glasses and considering the question carefully. "He showed me how to do it. He showed me how the line on my mom's side was ended.

"I looked it up and I found Walter Cox. It was really far back. I found a whole bunch of names after that."

Logan said he finds it interesting to learn about the lives his ancestors led, how they went about their everyday lives and what they did.

One great-great-great (he isn't sure how many greats) grandmother lived through the pandemic flu in Europe.

He has ancestors from Italy, France and Germany.

Logan tries to do research a few times a week, either on his dad's iPad or a family computer.

So far, his friends aren't very interested nor are his sisters, but he doesn't care.

He thinks it's where his head and heart ought to be right now.

Logan is the youngest son of Jeffry and Sharlynn Dunyon, who reside in the American Fork 2nd Ward.

His mother said he is passionate about things he's interested in and likes to learn and loves to share what he's learned, so genealogy is a good fit with him

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