It’s funny to hear that Dan Liljenquist was appalled by the actions of the EPA (March 27) in protecting the Virgin River, did he take elementary science classes, or high school biology?

Anyone who has gone through the public school system in America can tell you that small streams and rivers lead into larger rivers, lakes or the ocean. They can also tell you that humans need water to survive, and a lot of us get it from streams, rivers, and lakes. So it would seem odd to me, that a man who has been elected to serve as a leader in our government would not understand the necessity of protecting a small river, like the Virgin, from pollution, so that the larger water sources it connects to remain clean enough for humans to drink.

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Water and air are not property, they are constantly moving and flowing to different parts of the world, they are also finite on our planet, and they belong to everyone who inhabits it. Claims that the EPA is violating property rights as they work to protect the water we rely on from pollution, are wholly irrational.

A representative who won't fight to protect basic needs of his constituents (for example, clean water), is aggressively working against the success of his district, and needs to be stopped.

Maria Klingelhoffer