According to WECT-TV, and the, in North Carolina an 8-year-old was prevented from writing about how she considered Jesus her hero. The school only reluctantly accepted the writing assignment after the girl's mother contacted the media and pressured the school. America has always been a country where government and religion are separate, so the teacher apparently thought that this religious writing should not be allowed.

It is my opinion that church and state should stay the two separate entities they are now, but the education system should not leave students uneducated on religious matters, even at this young stage. Whether anybody likes it or not, religion plays a big role, if not the biggest role, in human culture, so discouraging the education of religious topics to our young people is leaving a void in their perspective of our world. The education system should not use its influence to tell students what to believe, but help them to understand the world we live in and the various religious views there are.

By not allowing this girl to write about Jesus, the education system is giving an unrealistic view of the world to the students. If this is allowed to persist, I believe our education system will ultimately fail. There is absolutely no sacrosanct reason why we should hide the beliefs of one student from the others. By knowing about various religious beliefs, students can grow up to be more accepting and more aware individuals. It is this we strive for.

Tyler Ehninger

South Jordan