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Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Peter Lawson, Executive Vice President of Production and Acquisitions at Open Road Films, and Jason Cassidy, President of Marketing at Open Road Films, seen at Open Road Film's Los Angeles Premiere of 'Sabotage,' on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 in Los Angeles. (

"Sabotage" is a bad Quentin Tarantino wannabe. Compared to this film, something like “Kill Bill” comes off charming, subtle and restrained.

Director David Ayer marches us through gore, blood, guts — and I mean guts — all while trying to deliver the story of an elite team of Drug Enforcement Administration agents who tackle the really nasty cartels.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Breacher, a legend in drug enforcement, who leads his near psychotic band into blazing battles with near impossible odds. But very early in the film, we discover this gaggle of misfits is up to something nefarious. While engaged in retrieving a pallet load of money, our heroes liberate a cool $10 million for themselves by sending it — safely tethered to a rope — down a sewer line.

Ah, but when the troop goes to retrieve their ill-gotten gains, someone snipped the rope and trotted off with the cash.

They are not happy. Who did it?

One by one, members of the team start to die — and I mean die. This is where the R rating goes off the charts with glop, gore and flowing blood. The first guy is hit by a train and the subsequent moments are absolutely sickening.

Never fear, there is more, but I want to leave something for you if you waste some hard-earned cash on a ticket.

Is a drug cartel exacting revenge? Is it one among them committing these atrocities? Who cares? Just try to get to the exit before regurgitation.

If theaters really wanted to get into the spirit of "Sabotage," they’d substitute the popcorn, coke and nachos with tomato juice, raw hamburger and spaghetti. That would round out the experience.

In case you’re not catching my drift, this is a terrible film. I could talk about performances, special effects, settings (which, by the way, often include strip clubs) and plot, but why waste our time?

“Sabotage” is a total turkey and bad cinema. It's rated R for just about anything you can think of.