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As the U.S. government looks to leave its mark on religious freedom, the question of what this means for society overall gets put under the microscope.

Debate over religious liberty and freedom continues to rise, especially with the Hobby Lobby case hitting the Supreme Court on Tuesday. And if the government strikes down against religious freedom, it’ll assert its power as the overarching leader, which could put faith, and humanity, at risk, The Federalist said.

“It is no coincidence that there is talk of a creator and inalienable rights in our founding documents — the very ones that sought to limit government,” The Federalist wrote. “It is not merely because America has, socially speaking, been a Christian nation through much of her history. It is also a practical reality that without the virtue of faith, freedom is unthinkable. When there is no sense that a higher power is in charge, people look to the highest power that they can muster for themselves: civil government.”

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