I had to relocate to Utah, to pursue a career path different from one I had chosen.

In my sweet state of Idaho, I had food stamps, federal cash assistance and Medicaid. I came to Utah and applied for the same benefits but got denied, due to the fact I still had a slight remaining balance in Idaho. Really?

This does not worry me. Sad to say, I have diabetes. I have to test my blood and take meds to control it. No Medicaid, no meds.

I sat in the small cubicle there at the Ogden DWS office, listening to a crappy bunch of music waiting for a specialist to answer the phone; when I did get a human, his demeanor was: “Who cares?”

I said that I needed the Medicaid for my diabetes meds, relaying the idea that without it, I could curl up and die. The call taker’s response: “If you’re dying now, I'll call 911 — otherwise shut up.”

This is how the state treats people? Or is it that Idaho cares more?

Patrick Montgomery