Two calves were killed Saturday after receiving injuries from falling out of the back of a moving truck near Cedar City.

ENOCH, Iron County — Four calves fell out of the back of a trailer traveling on I-15 Saturday, resulting in the death of one of the animals.

The truck was loaded with cattle and traveling south on on the freeway when the incident occurred about 11 a.m. near Enoch.

"For some reason the back door to the trailer came off and four calves fell out of the truck while it was moving down I-15," said Utah Highway Patrol trooper Bambi Baie.

Three of the yearling calves ran off. The fourth calf was injured badly enough when it hit the road that it needed to be put down, she said.

"Luckily, nobody else hit any of the cows or ran off the road or anything, avoiding the cows, which is kind of crazy because it was pretty heavy traffic out there," Baie said.

The driver of the truck had just picked up the cattle and was taking them to southern California. He was cited for failure to secure the load.