Ursula Coyote, Associated Press
This image provided by AMC shows Bryan Cranston as Walter White in a scene from "Breaking Bad." More people are binge watching their favorite shows thanks to video streaming and On Demand services. For some, binging on TV shows and movies feels a whole lot like dating.

Some pastors might learn a lesson from Walter White.

White, the chemistry teacher turned drug emperor of the “Breaking Bad” TV series, collected crazy amounts of cash and yet found no use for it. The same can be said for pastors of megachurches, who are struggling to find ways to spend the money that isn’t necessarily for them, but for their church, according to First Things.

“Unless they’re fully certified prosperity preachers, there’s a certain decorum that pastors must follow when spending their congregation’s money. When you live off money given to God, your public lifestyle ought to be just slightly constrained,” First Things said. “It’s the Walter White Problem. White couldn’t spend his fortune because it was dirty. Pastors can’t spend theirs because it’s holy.”

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