I am writing to address the “open space” in Sugarhouse where the old tennis courts by Fairmont Park are located. I know the city is considering selling that land to developers to make even more condos in the Sugarhouse area.

This is the last thing we need in that space. The community garden that has been there the last few years not only brings beauty to that space, which has been an abandoned tennis court for as long as I have lived here, it provides a space for all the condominium and apartment dwelling Sugarhouse residents to grow fresh produce that want or need to. Instead of selling that space to make a little money now, why don’t we remodel the tennis courts or build basketball courts for Sugarhouse residents and the Boys and Girls Club to use, or try to increase the community garden space.

Either of these options will enrich the lives of Sugarhouse for years to come without “selling out” to developers.

Alisa Haws

Salt Lake City