Contrary to what Richard Davis would have us believe, ("Obamacare enrollment is indication of success," March 19) the Obamacare rollout has been and continues to be an abject failure.

This law is not even about health care, it is about controlling one-sixth of this nation’s economy. The Obama administration has had to resort to all kinds of unconstitutional executive orders and political mischief in order to entice citizens to even bother signing up.

What does the medical profession have to say about all of this? An article from the Sunday, March 16, edition of the Deseret News, written by Dr. Jeff Singer, is worth mentioning. He points out the fact that medicine has become the domain of pencil pushing rather than patient service. Dr. Singer states, “I joined the medical profession because I want to serve patients, not fill out forms, and thanks to Obamacare, serving patients is harder than ever before.”

The quality of health care must inevitably suffer as doctors, nurses and technicians are forced to implement a one size fits all approach.

Ben Booth

West Bountiful