A 10-year-old Riverton boy injured in a motocross accident over the weekend has died.

TOOELE — A 10-year-old Riverton boy injured in a motocross accident over the weekend has died.

The parents of Tyce Olsen released a brief statement Monday confirming their son's death.

"Thank you for all the love and support you have shown our family this past weekend. Our son, Tyce, has passed away from injuries sustained during an accident at the Miller Motorsports Park. To keep his memory alive, we have chosen to donate his organs. Motocross racing was his passion in life, and all he ever wanted to do. We took every precaution to ensure our son was safe. We made sure he wore his protective gear in every race. We ask for privacy at this time.”

Tyce was injured just before 7 p.m. Saturday at Miller Motorsports Park, 2901 Sheep Lane in Tooele. He was attempting to go off a jump with his motorcycle but crashed on the landing. He was flown to Primary Children's Hospital.

Tyce participated in amateur motocross races in several states, according to the American Motorcyclist Association.

Rich Eggett, whose Salt Lake company sponsors a Supercross team, called the death tragic and said the local racing community is mourning.

Eggett said racers know the risks involved with the sport, but the dangers don't deter them, or parents, from participating.

"It's doing something you love that has a danger to it, and you take that risk. And I'm sure every parent, if they knew their child was going to be the one, would never let them do it," he said.

"But every parent knows of other children who have passed away and they continue to take that risk. And I think that's life in general, If you knew it was going to happen to you, you wouldn't do it. But you don't know and you can't be so afraid to die that you're afraid to live. And I think that's kind of the sport in general. That's the way they think of it."

Eggett said there is potential danger in everything a person does, from motocross racing to simply walking across a busy street.

There was no immediate word of funeral plans.

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