The most serious addictions are the ones that are not immediately realized. Today, key concerns are sugar and food in general. The smoker outside the store taking his or her smoke break is instantly recognized as having an addiction to smoking, while the person who eats an extra dessert every meal is recognized as someone with a “sweet tooth” — what an innocent-sounding description of an addiction as serious as the smoking problem.

And the problem is epidemic.

Health in America is declining and the ill effects of eating habits are numerous. Many people’s lives are cut short with lowered quality of life simply by problems arising from being overweight. For many people, food is the center of the universe. When people decide to go sugar-free they have an awful time, having withdrawals, almost.

Some eventually realize, however, that the sugar cravings have subsided and they feel better and are not so dependent on sugar.

But self-control continues to diminish in society. In order to stand up for generations to come, and the generation that is now, there must be change. Deny more, create stronger self-control, and be proud for the accomplishment of stopping addiction.

Heather Reid