During each legislative session there is inevitably an anti-bullying law. I often wonder, will these laws really reduce bullying? Or is the real problem with us — adults who are setting a poor example for children?

On the surface it seems that most of us would never bully another person. Then, we go home at night and watch shows that tell someone they are ugly, but it is ok — because they are given a makeover afterwards. Then we call our friends and talk about that awful outfit we saw that Hollywood star wearing. Following this we go online and criticize others in comment postings or on twitter. Is it any wonder why children are criticizing each other at school?

Perhaps in order to solve bullying in our schools, first we should stop putting down others ourselves, even if that person is someone we have only seen on TV or their posts online. We all need to do better at loving first rather than criticizing, including me.

Sarah Wald

West Jordan