We attended a basketball game in West Valley City between Cyprus and Bountiful (Tuesday, Feb. 25). All of us were shocked at the behavior we witnessed that night. Bountiful is undefeated in its region. At the time Cyprus had only won two games.

As the game began, Bountiful used a full-court press, which was very successful — after three minutes it led by more than 20 points. During the first half, the team never subbed a player in.

During the first half, about 30 students from Bountiful were in the balcony above the main portion of the Cyprus alumni. They yelled insults, made insulting gestures when their team scored and were extremely obnoxious toward Cyprus fans.

During the fourth quarter, when the game was extremely far out of reach for Cyprus, the Bountiful players shot 3-pointers continuously. The final score was Bountiful 106 to Cyprus 42.

Why would a coach have his team completely demoralize the opposing team? Why would he have his team full-court press for more than three quarters when the outcome of the game was decided in the first quarter?

As for us, and many of the fans we encountered, we felt the Bountiful coach has absolutely no class. We also felt the Bountiful players had no class when they continued to shoot 3-pointers into the fourth quarter.

Another sad point was the way the Bountiful students acted at the game — extremely unsportsmanlike.

The Bountiful coach has not taught his players true sportsmanship. He has taught them that winning at all costs is the main thing, even if it requires such demoralizing behavior.

We hope that coaches in Utah will teach true sportsmanship to their players.

Steven Foster