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Courtesy Eagle Games
Players' dinosaurs may fall prey to the mighty T-Rex, marauding Velociraptors and swooping Pterodactyls. Erupting volcanoes will devastate some areas and fill the skies with ash, making the affected area almost unlivable.

Dinosaurs have a permanent place in American culture. Triassic Terror is a board game by publisher Eagle Games that allows players to control their own dinosaur clan set on taking control of the world.

The big, heavy box contains tons of parts: colorful plastic dinosaurs, discs, tokens, cards, a game board and more. Each player has his or her own plastic Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. In honor of the Utah raptor, there are raptor figures that can be used to attack other players.

The board in this game represents a huge prehistoric world separated into four environments: swamp, mountains, desert and forest. In each environment are three areas that the players will fight over for dominance. The name of the game is control. Players score points by having the largest and second-largest number of dinosaurs in a given area.

A game of Triassic Terror starts by each player placing a token representing a dinosaur herd on the board in the swamp environment. The goal for the player is to grow his or her herd larger and take control of as many areas as possible.

Each turn players select or draft a unique action only they can perform. Actions consist of hatching new dinosaurs; migrating a herd to a new area and/or environment; starting a new herd in an environment; using the power of the T-rex to eat opposing dinosaurs; or letting loose a group of raptors to scatter and destroy other dinosaur herds.

After three consecutive turns, a scoring round occurs. Each area on the board scores a certain amount of points for the largest and second-largest dinosaur herd. Points vary depending on the area but players can earn bonus points for having a presence in all four environments or by having the most dinosaurs in a single environment. The person with the highest score wins.

This is a good, solid game with a fair amount of complexity and strategy. Play time is about 90 minutes and the game can accommodate up to six players. The game is highly thematic and engrosses players in a prehistoric world of dinosaur dominance.

If running a dinosaur herd for dominance of the world sounds fun, Triassic Terror is dinosaur heaven. Learn more about it at eaglegames.net.