EAGLE MOUNTAIN — The City Council has approved a location for a cemetery in Eagle Mountain.

A portion of Pony Express Park in City Center will be used for the cemetery, to be known as the Pony Express Memorial Cemetery. The approved land is the first phase and will contain about 1,300 plots. In this year’s city budget, just less than $300,000 was allocated for the cemetery.

The city has received requests for a cemetery from residents who have lost loved ones and wanted them to be buried close to home. The requests were the impetus for the cemetery board, which was established in 2006.

When Eagle Mountain resident LaVar Thompson passed away in mid-February, his family approached the city about the possibility of having his burial at the proposed site. City staff worked with the cemetery board to finalize details and obtained approval from the council for the site on March 4.

The city will record the site with Utah County, do the initial groundwork and mark the first area for plots. Once these steps are completed, the city will give permission for Thompson's family to make the burial arrangements for him. His body is being held by Wing Mortuary free of charge in a sealed casket until the site is ready.

The rest of the process is expected to be complete by the end of March.