How can the U.S. bring democracy to nations abroad, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine, when we have no idea what it is at home? Is democracy just the simple act of voting?

Democracy is respect for the basic democratic organization of government. That means a legislature that asserts its duty to do the legislating and a chief executive who confines himself to administration. And all branches of government should know how to be sensitive to local home rule.

Democracy is the rich looking out for the poor and paying their fair share.

Democracy is equal justice for all, not special consideration for those who can pay for it.

Democracy is limited taxes, limited government, limited debt and limited foreign war.

Democracy is citizens going to public meetings, speaking out and exercising oversight of what is going on in government at all levels.

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Democracy is business and financial leaders who are exposed to more than a one-hour lecture on ethics while in business school.

Democracy is an education system that gives all voters a broad knowledge of basic democratic law rather than just watching them be swayed by smooth-sounding, vote-buying slogans every four years.

Democracy is many strong, vital political parties electing people who represent a diversity of political opinion rather than, for example, the drab red and blue propaganda of two political parties.

Robert Shinkoskey

Woods Cross