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Susie, the dog that inspired the Facebook page Susie's Senior Dogs, relaxes while getting a scratch.

Brandon Stanton started out with humans as author of blog and book "Humans of New York" but now he's moved on to making furry friends — dogs.

Stanton and his girlfriend, Erin O'Sullivan, created a Facebook page to help senior dogs find loving homes. Their own experience with an 11-year-old dog named Susie inspired the page.

Stanton told the story of how he found Susie on TODAY.com and ABC News. He was walking down the street one day when he saw a dog sitting on a porch and decided to take a few pictures.

“I thought to myself, ‘That is the coolest dog I’ve ever seen,’ ” Stanton told TODAY.com. “ ‘If I ever get a dog, I want it to look like that.’ ”

Soon after, a man approached him and said he saw Stanton's photos of Susie on "Humans of New York" and could see how much he liked her. Susie belonged to the man, and he had to get rid of her quickly. He asked Stanton to adopt her, so he did.

“She’s old, and she’s attached,” Stanton told ABC News. “She wants to be with me everywhere.”

Now Susie brings so much joy to Stanton and O'Sullivan, they started Susie's Senior Dogs, a Facebook page to "(match) humans and dogs one bond at a time."

O'Sullivan created the Facebook page after seeing the bond between Susie and Stanton. She realized finding a home for older dogs can be difficult because most people think of puppies when they search for a new dog. O'Sullivan thinks part of finding a senior dog match is giving people the option.

"If you bring up the idea of an older dog and touch their hearts a little bit, they think, ‘Oh.’ Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting that option in front of them," she told TODAY.com.

O'Sullivan spends her evenings searching the Internet for these options. She focuses on animals in overcrowded shelters who are at risk for being put down. After making contacts and verifying information, she posts the pups and their stories on the Facebook page, touching the hearts of visitors and potential adopters.

"I cannot make it through one of these posts without crying!" Kelli Peters said on a Humans of New York post about Susie's Senior Dogs.

With more than 30 success stories, the couple continues to change the lives of these senior dogs and their owners, and their lives have changed too.

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