We need to be honest and realize that SB54 has effectively killed the caucus system in Utah. Why would a person waste their time attending meetings and being voted a delegate when any candidate can petition their way into the primary, overriding any decision the elected delegate makes. And with SB54, you don't even have to be a Republican to choose who will run in the Republican Primary. Brilliant!

This is what will happen. Democrats will disaffiliate so that they can help pick the least offensive Republican. Independents will be catered to and will receive more attention from the politicians than Republican voters. There will be a primary madhouse and a tremendous waste of money. Riding to the rescue will be the political consultants who will wheel and deal to pick the candidate that will outlast the chaotic primary vote. The end result will be that the "right" candidate will be presented to the unwashed masses to choose versus the Democrat in November.

I have spoken with a couple of the Senate and House supporters of SB54 and they admit that this may happen; but "they had no choice" except to vote for this bill. There is no greater representative government than a caucus system; but the political elite have won this battle, and the people of Utah have lost.

Rob Luke