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Trust in the Internet has dropped recently, and it might hinder the Web from progressing forward.

What’s trending? Distrust in the Internet.

BBC News recently reported that people have little faith in the worldwide Web. Expert Neelie Kroes, the European Commission’s vice present, said few people across the world have full trust in the Internet, and that could hurt the way the Web grows in the future, BBC reported.

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"The next phase of the Internet will be data-centred and connectivity-driven. Cloud computing, big data, the internet of things; tools which support manufacturing, education, energy, our cars and more. The internet is no longer about emails,” Kroes said. "To make the 'leap of faith' into this new world, reliability and trust is a pre-condition. But when even the phone of the chancellor is not sacred, that trust can never again be taken for granted. Not only that, it is clear that for millions of Germans, and billions around the world, that trust is now missing.”

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