I very much enjoy reading Dan Liljenquist's articles. Recently though, he described one of the tactics of proponents for the "Count My Vote" initiative as "bait and switch." How would he describe the efforts of members of our Legislature some time back to initiate term limits for themselves?

By my recollection, a law was passed at the same time that there was a pending citizen initative to change the Utah Constitution to limit legislators' terms. With that assurance, we didn't change the Constitution. Subsequently when the first wave of legislators were about to be termed out of office, we were informed we would be losing valuable knowledge and expertise and they revoked the previous law, allowing themselves to continue in office.

Will Mr. Liljenquist be kind enough to inform us if this piece of history could be described as "bait and switch," and if he sees any similarities with what happened then, and what is happening now?

John Simmons

South Jordan