I shouldn’t be shocked any more at the curtailment of individual liberty in this country in the name of the cause du jour, but it was difficult to believe a recent article titled “Court: School can ban U.S. flag shirts for safety” (Feb. 28).

I understand that officials were trying to deal with potential racial issues in a difficult situation, but on U.S. soil there is no justification to ever subordinate the flag of the United States of America to the flag or symbol of any other country, regardless of what celebration is occurring. Legal immigration continues to be the lifeblood of our country, and it is important to take pride in our ancestral heritage and cultural traditions, but when people join a community voluntarily (coming to this country), they by definition are accepting that they live under the flag of that community.

As a society we cannot on one hand protect the right of individuals to burn our flag as a convoluted form of free speech, and on the other hand deny the right of citizens to proudly wear that very same symbol on their clothing as they so choose. To quote the article, “The court said schools have wide latitude in curbing certain civil rights to ensure campus safety.” I suppose the courts have wide latitude to curtail all our civil rights whenever they want. Some lawmakers like to say the Constitution is a “living” document to justify reinterpretation of its provisions.

Calling it a “dying” document would be more accurate.

Spencer Smith