A new study has found that millennials aren't in line with how people perceive them to be, The Atlantic reported.

Millennials are confused.

That’s the easiest way to put it, according to The Atlantic, which outlined a new study that found trends with millennials about finances, culture and politics are contradictory to the way they live.

For example, millennials are logging on to online dating websites and using social media consistently, and yet they are the least trusting generation — more so than the baby boomers, the Silent Generation and Gen X, The Atlantic reported.

“This just barely makes any sense,” wrote Derek Thompson. “Here is a generation that trusts peers enough to meet random strangers in bars on Tinder, ride in cars with strangers on Uber X and Lyft, visit strangers' apartments through Craigslist, sleep on their beds through Airbnb, and we're also the least likely to say ‘most people can be trusted?’”

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