I was very eager to read the Deseret News Weekend Section, knowing the Oscar predictions would be made. To my utter disappointment, the headline I read from Chris Hicks’ column said, “Academy Awards are nothing more than a popularity contest.”

While this may be true, I argue that a lot of things in life are a popularity contest. The presidential election is a popularity contest, for crying out loud. Suggesting that the Academy Awards is nothing more than a time for a bunch of rich guys to boast about themselves for three and a half hours is beside the point. I still care about opinions on who will carry home the gold statue. Am I the only one?

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Being a writer and a lover of the arts, I preferred what the Salt Lake Tribune published. The Tribune gave predictions on those worthy of winning. This was way better than reading a column complaining about the Oscars, and it was conveying to the readers what movies are out there to be seen. I am way too busy to waste my time watching a movie I don’t know much about. I rely on movie critics to let me know what movies will be worth my time.

I don’t like the mumbo-jumbo arguments that put down Hollywood. It is clear to me Hollywood has its problems, but let’s set those problems aside and enjoy the Oscars.

Steven Merkley

American Fork