We have heard and read a lot about the alleged dangers posed by emissions from Stericycle; but, I have a couple of questions about it.

First, who was there first? Did the company build out in the "boonies" and then people began building and moving closer to their dreaded location? Or were there houses close to that location to begin with?

Second, how would the "environment protectors" like to propose taking care of medical waste products? Would they prefer them to be just buried in a land-fill; or in someone's backyard?

I remember years ago when the Los Angeles International Airport was built, that it was located truly out in the boonies, away from residents' homes; however, as time went by, people began building and residing closer and closer to the airport, and then began to complain about the noise of the airplanes. And that is too often the way we do things.

Russell Bender