Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Members of the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday unanimously recommended a bill that would exclude students with an individualized education program from the graduation rates used for school grading.

SALT LAKE CITY — Students with an individualized education plan would not be included in the graduation rate used for school grading under the terms of a bill unanimously recommended by the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday.

HB292, sponsored by Rep. Ronda Menlove, R-Garland, has already received unanimous approval from the House Education Committee and the Utah House during floor debate. It will now go before the Senate for consideration.

The bill has the potential to be pre-empted by a larger package of school grading reforms sponsored by Sen. Stuart Adams, R-Layton.

Adams' bill, SB209, similarly excludes students with an individualized program from school grading calculations, as well as removing the automatic F grade schools receive for low testing participation and excluding new schools from receiving a letter grade.

Adams' bill has been approved by committee but has not yet reached the Senate floor for debate.

— Benjamin Wood