Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Deseret News Editor Paul Edwards spoke with NPR's Michel Martin about "The Father Factor."

In a March 4 interview with NPR, Deseret News Editor Paul Edwards spoke with Michel Martin, host of "Tell Me More," about the critical role fathers play in American families.

The interview was posted a little more than a week after the Deseret News and The Atlantic released a four-part series titled "The Father Factor" and several days after President Barack Obama emphasized the importance of fathers as he introduced an initiative aimed at helping young men of color.

In the 11-minute NPR interview, Edwards discussed how the focus on fatherhood grew out of a discussion between the two media companies about the overall stability of families. He also cited stories of young men whose lives exemplify what studies have revealed about father figures.

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"What the research shows is that adolescents with involved fathers are far less likely to experiment with drugs and that there are really positive correlations between the presence of a dad in a child's life and qualities like empathy, impulse control, ability to respond effectively to ambiguous situations. This translates into academic success, positive health outcomes, even physical safety," Edwards said.

Listen to the complete interview, "‚ÄČ'The Father Factor' in Kids' Lives," below, and listen to additional "Tell Me More" programs on NPR.