Photo courtesy of BYU
Derwin Gray while at BYU

Former BYU defender Derwin Gray wrote about his conversion to religion on Christianity Today, and that conversion involved a linebacker who would preach about Christ in the Indianapolis Colts locker room.

Gray wrote that for most of his early life, football was his god. "Football functioned as my savior. It gave me love: If I played well, I was loved by fans." Gray married Vicki Ensign while at BYU, and was drafted by the Colts in the fourth round of the 1993 NFL Draft.

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It was while he was playing for the Colts that he met linebacker Steve Grant, who Gray called the "Naked Preacher."

"It was impossible not to notice a linebacker who would take a shower, dry off, wrap a towel around his waist, pick up his Bible, and ask those of us in the locker room, 'Do you know Jesus?' I would think, 'Do you know you are half-naked?'"

Grant's questions began to affect Gray once he started getting injured on the field and his time as an NFL player was coming to an end. Grant's example led Gray to want to come to Jesus.

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